Sheri Lyn Jewhurst

Environmental Scientist

I love bringing people together to solve complex environmental problems.

My work improves surface and drinking water for future generations using science, economics, and policy.

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About Me

I've worked for ten years to preserve and restore rivers, lakes, and estuaries by building consensus and using scientific research to guide policy. I am passionate about using economics to communicate the importance of natural resources, and recently started working in environmental financing through the State Revolving Fund Program. As an environmental scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency, I love being a public servant and working for our community. I am an intrepid international traveler with a global network of friends. I've lived in Denmark and Australia, but don't make me choose a favorite!

I also founded the Brewminaries Homebrew Club in 2015. Please visit the Homebrewing & Beer section of this website for further information.


My Work

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Nitrogen Management

Nitrogen enrichment from human sources threatens coastal waters globally. In cooperation with scientists and policymakers in multiple sectors, I assess sources of nitrogen on a watershed basis and champion using economic information on cost effectiveness to prioritize nitrogen mitigation actions.

Planning for Environmental and Public Health

I work with stakeholders to generate long-term plans to improve drinking and surface waters. These plans identify shared goals, pollutants of concern, emerging threats, critical habitats, climate vulnerabilities, priority projects, and new partnerships. Currently, I am working with the State of New Jersey on funding lead service line replacement projects.

Grants Administration

I administer annual grants that fund critical water quality improvement projects. This includes all phases of budget development and project management. I also help review competitive grant proposals and develop RFPs for environmental services. I am diligent in managing long-term, multi-million dollar projects that achieve results.


February 2016

Economic Tools for Managing Nitrogen in Coastal Watersheds

Jewhurst, S. AND M. Mazzotta. Economic Tools for Managing Nitrogen in Coastal Watersheds. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-16/036, 2016.

December 2017

The Application and Usefulness of Economic Analyses for Water Quality Management in Coastal Areas

Jewhurst, Sheri L.; Mulvaney, Kate K.; and Mazzotta, Marisa J. (2017) "The Application and Usefulness of Economic Analyses for Water Quality Management in Coastal Areas," Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics: Vol. 4: Iss. 1, Article 7.


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